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News: Porsche 356 BT6 Coupé – Restoration project

Porsche 356 BT6 Coupé – Restoration project

Throughout 1958, Ferry Porsche and his team were working on ideas to update the 356 A.

The company had carried out some market research to discover exactly what its customers required, and the results brought about some changes, always refusing compromising quality, engineering integrity or its reputation for making sporting cars.

The 356 BT6 body shell had some changes in 1961, and there were differences of opinion between Porsche purists. Some of them said that the car looked heavier, flabbier and less nimble. However, the 356B was a better car than its predecessors and remained one of the world´s most reliable sports car with the usual excelent build quality.

The 356B range consisted of a Coupé, Cabriolet and Roadster.

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