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News: 911S ‘Golden Era’!

911S ‘Golden Era’!



Porsche 911S -1971 – colour 8888 (Metallic Gold). Restoration finals.

According to Hagerty [] the value of a 1971, top condition, ‘A’ Grade restoration Porsche 911S is presently in the vicinity of 200,000 ($240.000)

Porsche 911S (Super) appeared in the lineup for 1967. With the same displacement as the regular 911 (2.000 cc), producing 160 hp, instead of 130, reached a top speed of 140 mph. Solex Carburetors had given way their place to Webers raising compression ratio to 9.8:1.

In 1969 the 911S won a mechanical fuel injection (MFI) and gained extra 10 hp.

The 1970 models received a bigger upgrade, with engine capacity growing 10% to 2.2 liters of volume (2195cc), power available reaching 180 hp at 6500 RPM.

Porsche 911S was available from 1967 to 1977.


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