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The Passion about Doing a Great Job

Vintage Cars Boutique

Vintage Cars Boutique dedicates itself to the professional restoration of antique and classic cars, either specifically bought to be restored and sold, or as part of collectors and classic cars owners´ projects.

We perform all our projects with the utmost care and dedication, with a quest for perfection only within the reach of classic cars true lovers.

Hard Work, Precision, Perfection0

Experience, Technology, Quality0

Passion, Excitement, Refinement0

Hard Work, Precision, Perfection

The main purpose of our working methods, developed using the most modern and efficient technologies and materials, is to achieve the perfect restoration according to the original requirements of the car´s era and the demands of our modern world.


Experience, Technology, Quality

In order to achieve that, we are always looking for new working methods and technologies, as well as the best materials and original replacement parts so that we can provide you with the best result in every project. It also allows us to improve ourselves and the quality level of our work.


Passion, Excitement, Refinement

With our know-how and dedication, we are also available to help you find the vintage car you dreamed of, locating it and advising you regarding its restoration needs.

Feel free to call us should you have any questions or doubts or if you need any advice.

My passion for cars comes from my childhood…
– Carlos Cunha (CEO)