Achieving perfection without harming the environment

The pickling of a car’s structure is a process through whichits metallic surfaces are cleaned and decontaminated.

At Vintage Cars Boutique, we are experts on this process.We use the blast of substances such as sodium bicarbonate, among other materials.


Thanksto this process we remove not only corrosion but also the different layers of treatments and finish of the sheetscoming from paint or any other residues of interior coatings.

Sodium Bicarbonate

It was developed for various purposes, it’s a 100% environmentally friendly material that doesnot harm our planet.


  • Pros: it is a smooth cleaning process with a great final result asit leaves the surface ready to be treated. If the surface to be treated is ferrous, it also helps as a corrosion inhibitor.
  • Cons: because it is a slower process compared with the others, it can be more expensive.
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It is natural sand which works as a non-active abrasive. It does not cause silicosis.


  • Pros: Fast low-cost process.
  • Disadvantages: it doesn’t leave a perfect finish, it requiresa metallization or paint treatment within a short period of time in order to avoid corrosion.
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Glass blasting beads (glass beads)

Thanks to their hardness and spherical form, they allow us to remove impurities and corrosion without damaging the surfaces we are working on.


  • Pros: Fast pickling and perfect finish (ideal for small parts).
  • Cons: Expensive process whichrequires a metallization or paint treatment within a short period of time in order to avoid corrosion.
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Why should you work with us?

Our restoration methods, developed using the most advanced technologies and resources, aim at achieving precision and utter perfection on each restoration, always following the guidelines and designs of each car´s era, while adapting it to the demands of our modern days.
Restoration Stripping

It is the process through which we clean and decontaminate the metallic surfaces of a vehicle. At Vintage Cars Boutique we do it by projection.

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Body Repair Work

We have been working for many years with perseverance and dedication, thus we managed to create a strong reputation as a world class company.

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Workshop Engine

We always apply the same work concept to all our restoration services:QUALITY AND PERFECTION.

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Restoration Painting
Coating and Painting

The paint of your classic car reflects its timeless beauty. Thus at Vintage Cars Boutique we use the best technologies and products when it comes to car painting.

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Assembling a classic car is one of the greatest challenges as it requires delicate work and a high level of workmanship.

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Breaks Porsche 930 turbo

The balance between all the componentsof a car is required in order to achieve its full potential and the best driving experience.

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