Care, Precision and Refinement

Vintage Cars Boutique

Vintage Cars Boutique dedicates itself to the professional restoration of antique and classic cars, either specifically bought to be restored and sold, or as part of collectors and classic cars owners´ projects.

We perform all our projects with the utmost care and dedication, with a quest for perfection only within the reach of classic cars true lovers.

Original Restoration

We apply all our knowledge and resources to the faithful restoration of cars from brands such as Porsche, Jaguar and Maserati, using the brands´ original schemes and parts as well as expert workmanship.
Our drive comes from our passion for the automobile golden age. If we do not preserve them, who else will?

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Custom Restoration

Your car could reflect your personality. Dream it, imagine it, sketch it and talk to us in order to have access to specialized workmanship and the best materials for its design. From the engine to the interiors, structure and driving, we have everything to help you achieve your dream. The only thing missing is your inspiration!

Got a Project?

Vintage Concepts

We recreated the 1979 Porsche 911 SC based on the collective dream of our team, and applying new technologies to the design concepts of the 1970s. We added features expected from an actual luxury car to one of the most famous Porsche models while preserving the comfort and driving of the brand.

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Why should you work with us?

Our restoration methods, developed using the most advanced technologies and resources, aim at achieving precision and utter perfection on each restoration, always following the guidelines and designs of each car´s era, while adapting it to the demands of our modern days.
Restoration Stripping

It is the process through which we clean and decontaminate the metallic surfaces of a vehicle. At Vintage Cars Boutique we do it by projection.

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Body Repair Work

We have been working for many years with perseverance and dedication, thus we managed to create a strong reputation as a world class company.

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Workshop Engine

We always apply the same work concept to all our restoration services: QUALITY AND PERFECTION.

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Restoration Painting
Coating and Painting

The paint of your classic car reflects its timeless beauty. Thus at Vintage Cars Boutique we use the best technologies and products when it comes to car painting.

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Assembling a classic car is one of the greatest challenges as it requires delicate work and a high level of workmanship.

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Breaks Porsche 930 turbo

The balance between all the components of a car is required in order to achieve its full potential and the best driving experience.

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I dreamed of having a workshop where I would repair them according to my ideals.
– Carlos Cunha (CEO)