Full Performance with the Best Components

Tuning an engine is about adjusting or modifying the original engine to obtain a better performance and increase power, fuel economy and durability.


Tuning an engine can include multiple adjusting processes, from thecarburetor and ignition system treatment to the reconstruction and replacement of someengine parts. When it comes to a classic car, those processes are even more important for they give us the opportunity to review the choices that were made whenit was designed, using new concepts and current technologies.

Mechanical Tuning

Would you like to have a car which shows all its potential and power? You can count on our teamtoreviewand improve the performance of its engine.


We will do our best to optimize your engine’s power and response speed, fuel efficiency and safety.

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Tuning Software

Even though experience is priceless,our team also relies on numbers. Besidesthe best tools and parts used to restore your classic car, we also use software which has been developed to assess the performance of the car as a whole.Our goal is not only to revive your classic car, we want to give it back the splendor and mysticism of its golden age.

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Inspection and Maintenance

Renewing your classic car is not enough to show the sense of pride in owninga vehicle from such a prestigious time. You need to take care of it, verifyingits condition regularly. And who is more capable of caring for your friend than the ones who helped you restore it in the first place?


With our specialized facilities and an experienced team, the only thing we ask for is your trust so thatyou let us take good care of what you admire with so much respect.

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Why should you work with us?

Our restoration methods, developed using the most advanced technologies and resources, aim at achieving precision and utter perfection on each restoration, always following the guidelines and designs of each car´s era, while adapting it to the demands of our modern days.
Restoration Stripping

It is the process through which we clean and decontaminate the metallic surfaces of a vehicle. At Vintage Cars Boutique we do it by projection.

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Body Repair Work

We have been working for many years with perseverance and dedication, thus we managed to create a strong reputation as a world class company.

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Workshop Engine

We always apply the same work concept to all our restoration services:QUALITY AND PERFECTION.

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Restoration Painting
Coating and Paiting

The paint of your classic car reflects its timeless beauty. Thus at Vintage Cars Boutique we use the best technologies and products when it comes to car painting.

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Assembling a classic car is one of the greatest challenges as it requires delicate work and a high level of workmanship.

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Breaks Porsche 930 turbo

The balance between all the componentsof a car is required in order to achieve its full potential and the best driving experience.

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